Manual Silicone Resuscitator ADULT

Size: Adult
High-quality, latex-free silicone
Durable Polycarbonate valve for efficient air delivery
Soft, silicone for a comfortable and secure fit

Sizes and Capacities:
Adult Size is1600ml Capacity
Reservoir Bag 2600ml
Mask Sizes 4 or 5 as per the requirement
Latex-free to prevent allergic reactions
Suitable for use in emergency medical situations

Silicone Manual Resuscitator Kit Adult Comprises a Silicone Bag with a Valve, Mask size 4 or 5, Oxygen Tube, and Reservoir Bag.



A silicone resuscitator, also known as a silicone manual resuscitator or a bag-valve-mask (BVM) device, is a medical apparatus used in emergency situations to provide manual ventilation to individuals who are not breathing adequately or are experiencing respiratory distress.
A resuscitator is used to provide emergency breathing assistance by manually delivering air into the lungs of someone who is not breathing adequately or having trouble breathing
Yes, an Ambu Bag, which is a brand of bag-valve-mask (BVM), is indeed a type of resuscitator.
It functions by manually squeezing the self-expanding bag, which delivers air into the lungs through a face mask. This helps maintain oxygenation and remove carbon dioxide from the lungs.