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Udesh Babal

President's Appeal

Dear Okhla Business Owners,

It gives me great pleasure & honour to welcome you all. I trust, you all are well & safe in this uncertain time of COVID-19.

In the endeavor to make Okhla clean, green and prosperous, we at OFOA have been working hard to get the association stronger and more collated.

It is very important in the current time to be strongly united to solve uncalled problems & nuisances for the smooth functioning of our business.

We have gone online and are compiling the OKHLA Directory for the benefit of every unit. Its a great opportunity for 4000+ unit holder in Okhla to list themselves in the directory which will be beneficial for promoting our business.

Free Directory Registration is being Offered till 25 March 2021.

Hence, I appeal all the unit holder of Okhla to register for the directory by clicking here.

Best Regards,

Udesh Babal.

President

About Us

Okhla Factory Owner's Association (OFOA) is a group of a committed society to coordinate with all fellow members and Unit holders established in 1993.
OFOA is non-government, non-profit making organisation to look after the interest of the members and Area infrastructure.

OFOA provides a platform for networking and bringing the harmony among all the agencies with day to day progress, thereby to promote a constructive trade and industrial relationship at all the levels for smooth functioning of Industries.
OFOA is committed to accomplish to create a positive and healthy atmosphere in one and all.

  • Networking.
  • Free Newsletters / Bulletin.
  • Assistance.
  • Training & Development
  • Focused Sub-comittees.
  • Reminders of Expiry of Regulatory Trade Licences.
  • To bring all the unit holders at one platform to look after their interests at different levels.
  • To coordinate with different agencies with positive participation through their elective Block wise Chairmen.
  • To provide effective communication with members and relevant unit holders.
  • To create Clean and Green environmental infrastructure to make the Prosperous Industrial Area.

Clean, Green and Prosperous Okhla

To create Oneness, Commitment, Being in Extra Ordinary Service.

Total Registrations: 20
Area Block Count
Okhla Phase 2 B 3
Okhla Phase 1 D 3
Okhla Phase 1 A 3
Okhla Phase 1 B 2
Okhla Phase 1 C 2
Okhla Phase 2 D 2
Okhla Phase 2 A 1
Okhla Phase 2 C 1
Other D 1
Okhla Phase 2 E 1
Okhla Phase 1 U 1



OFOA help its members in promoting their business within the 4000 organizations within Okhla and also through local Trade Fairs, domestic & international exhibitions, Buyer Seller Meets, Visits within & Outside India, Foreign tie-ups etc.

Free Newsletters / Bulletin

is periodically shared with all its members for latest policy updates, alerts, news, amendments in rules & regulations to keep the organization armed with latest information for smooth operations. Association also has a Resource Center for the entrepreneurs, providing them with the information /consultancy/ guidance to the specific issues faced by the industry / entrepreneur.


OFOA acts as a guide, consultant and protector of entrepreneurs by taking up any kind of their industry related problems / issues for solution at various levels. This personal attention / help is needed by the entrepreneur, to save time, money and efforts of the entrepreneurs.

Training & Development

OFOA organizes capacity building / developmental programs, conferences & workshops from time to time for the benefit of its members. These programmes are either free or are available at highly subsidized rates for its members.

Focused Sub-comittees

OFOA has created various sub-comittees to connect similar industries / challenges faced such as Effulent Treatment Comittee , Pollution Comittee Enabling them to come together and help each other.

Reminders of Expiry of Regulatory Trade Licences

Once you update your trade licences, Auto reminders can be sent by SMS and Email to one or many users in your organization for timely compliances.

Office Bearers

With a View to do Growth of Industries in Okhla, to Encourage Unity, Strength in Industrialist and also Encourage to the Benificial Laws for Industry, this Association had Established in [YEAR] and Registerd Under [NAME] Act. [YEAR].

The Association is Representing for [NUMBER] Active and Awaked Industrialist of Okhla District Since Last [NUMBER] Decades, and Representing the Various Problems Faced by industry, at Local, State and Central Level for Getting Favorable Solution. This Association is also Engaged in Trading of [PRODUCT] for their Members on no Profit no Lose Basis.

Udesh Babal


Abjit Singh Gulati

Vice President

Amit Bathla

Hony. Secretary