Suction Catheter Plain

Code: 14-160

  • Non-toxic
  • Kink-resistant medical-grade PVC
  • Length: 52 cm
  • Super smooth kink
  • Sizes Available: 6 FG, 8 FG, 10 FG, 12 FG, 14 FG, 16 FG, 18 FG, 20 FG, 22 FG and 24 FG

Suction Catheter is an Equipment that is used to clean the airway and avoid mucus accumulation by sucking out respiratory secretions. It is ideal for clearing the trachea, bronchial passages, and mouth of secretions.



Features of Suction Catheter –

  • Airway Clearance: It’s mostly used to clear the airway of secretions, particularly in patients who are unable to cough properly, for those who have neuromuscular disorders, unconscious patients, or under anesthesia.
  • Respiratory Support: It’s used for the respiratory support of a patient, suction catheters help to maintain airway patency by Withdrawing accumulated production.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Settings: Patients who are in intensive care units, Particularly those with respiratory problems like pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)  require this for Suctioning to maintain clear airways and Sufficient oxygenation.
  • Palliative Care: For patients who have terminal illnesses or those receiving palliative care, it helps them to alleviate the distress caused by respiratory secretions.
  • Prevention of Aspiration: These are used at the time of procedures like endotracheal suctioning to prevent the aspiration of secretions into the lower airways, reducing the risk of respiratory complications.
  • Dental Procedures: It is also used by dentists to remove saliva, blood, and debris that occurs in the mouth at the time of the dental procedure, Used to ensure clear visibility.

Suction Catheter Plain Sizes Available-

Sizes Color
6 FGSea green
8 FGBlue
10 FGBlack
12 FGWhite
14 FGGreen
16 FGOrange
18 FGRed
20 FGYellow
22 FGViolet
24 FGLight Blue

We have two types of Suction Catheter Available –

  1. Suction catheter Plain (Without Thumb Control Valve)
  2. Suction Catheter With Thumb Control Valve