Q: What is the minimum order /Quantities (MOV/MOQ) we offer ?

A: We at GSTC offer our customer to choose variety of products in a single order . We assist them with lower quantities as well on case to case basis & special requests but expect your minimum orders value to be USD 1000 or more . Our policies are governed by our motives to satisfy our customers

Q: What payment terms are are acceptable for orders ?

A: All payments are accepted in easily convertible currencies like USD , Euro, pound Sterlings . We prefer payments mainly in USD

Payment options :

Complete Advance Payment:

Part Payment in Advance:

Letter of Credit:

Documentary collections through banks .

The payment optionvary case to case basis & can be settled as per requirements of both parties .

Q: How the goods can be Shipped ? Is There ant INCOTERM restrictions??

A: Normal mode of shipment are – “Sea Freight” and “Air Freight”. However goods may also be supplied through Courier, Post, EMS etc. as per requests from customers & feasability of order .

The charges depends on Incoterm used . Charges of freight may be included in price of product or charges separately on invoice as requested by customer .

The shipping charges depends on size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. Generally EXWORKS,FOB & CIF/CIP terms are used for export shipment . But other terms may also be considered for client satisfaction & requirements

Q: How can I get a Quote / Price List / Catalogue ?

A: Please fill the contact us form on the website with your product of interest & other details & our representative will contact you . 

You may Also send an email gstc@gstc.com  to contact us .

Q: What quality standards do you follow ISO 9001, CE, or FDA ?

A: GST Corporation Limited is  An ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 Certified Company , Click here to see our CE ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 certificate. Details are also given on website quality page We have FDA Registrations, and CE mark for many of our products.

Share with us the the product your interst and we shall inform you if they are certified.

We follow strict quality procedures for our product with higly satisfactory after sales support

Q: Where are your facilities located ?

A: We are based at capital of India , NEW DELHI . The Head office itself is located in New Delhi . Other facilities are located in near by areas of Haryana & Uttar Pradesh .

We have one of our manufacturing facility with name HEUER INTERNATIONAL in national economic zone , Noida region , Uttar Pradesh India