Safety Box

  • Material: Durable and incinerable paper
  • Color: Standard color for easy identification
  • Sizes Available: 5 Ltr, 10 Lte & 20 Ltr.
  • Closure: Secure closure to prevent spillage and ensure safe containment
  • Markings: Clear markings indicating the type of waste, potential hazards, and usage instructions
  • Compliance: Designed to meet international standards and guidelines, including WHO recommendations for healthcare waste management

The Contaminated, Discardable, Incinerable Paper Safety Box is a specialized container designed for the safe disposal of contaminated materials, particularly those suitable for incineration. Ideal for medical and laboratory settings, it ensures the secure containment and disposal of items such as contaminated papers that can be safely incinerated to prevent the spread of harmful substances.



Safety Box Sizes Available:

  • Small or Mini Safety Boxes
  • Medium-sized Safety Boxes
  • Large Safety Boxes
  • Specialized Safety Boxes for specific waste types

Standards for Incinerable Sharp Container Safety Box:

  • Material Compatibility: Constructed with materials suitable for incineration.
  • Puncture Resistance: Designed to be puncture-resistant to prevent accidental injuries.
  • Closure Mechanism: Features a secure closure to withstand incineration processes.
  • Markings: Marked for sharps disposal, including relevant instructions and warnings.
  • Compliance: Adheres to local and international regulations regarding healthcare waste disposal.

International/WHO Standards for Safety Box:

  • Color Coding: Adheres to WHO guidelines, utilizing color-coded containers for different types of waste, promoting easy identification. For instance, the use of yellow for infectious waste.
  • Durability: Constructed with sturdy and puncture-resistant materials to prevent accidental injuries and leakage of hazardous materials.
  • Closures: Features a secure closure mechanism to prevent spillage and ensure safe waste containment.
  • Markings: Marked with information on the type of waste, potential hazards, and usage instructions.
  • Size and Capacity: Available in various sizes to accommodate different waste volumes, promoting proper disposal practices.
  • Incineration Compatibility: Constructed with materials suitable for safe incineration.

Latest WHO Guidelines: For the most recent WHO guidelines, please refer to the official World Health Organization (WHO) website or contact relevant health authorities.

Color Codes for Sharps Safety Box Containers: Yellow is the commonly used color for sharps containers, indicating that the container is designated for the safe disposal of sharps, including needles and syringes.