Elastic Wrist Splint

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL

Elastic Wrist Splint is designed to immobilize and provide firm support to hand and wrist in various orthopedic conditions. It maintains the wrist in the dorsiflexion/ functional position while allowing a full range of motion to fingers and thumb. It compresses and retains the body heat to allay the local pain and inflammation. The product can be removed to permit, therapy sessions, washing, and hygiene.

  • Customizable Splints.
  • Controlled compression.
  • Anatomical thumb opening.
  • Easy to wear and remove



  • High-quality, striped elastic webbing is strong and durable, has high porosity, and excellent compressive strength provides comfortable touch and feel. It has a high modulus of elasticity, retains shape and size for a long time.
  • Hook loop closures provide customized and optimal compression, ensure better fitting, universal sizing, easy application, and removal.
  • Anatomical thumb opening ensures the thumb remains relaxed in the abduction position. It improves comfort, ensures no fatigue, and provides better pain relief. It allows free and natural movement of the thumb and fingers.
  • A removable aluminum splint is customizable, the required degree of dorsiflexion can be achieved. It ensures very good grip and immobilization.