Biohazard Garbage Bags

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Model no. 12-400

  • Puncture, Tear and leakproof
  • Minimum Tear Resistance of 480 grams in parallel and perpendicular planes (ISO 6383-2, ASTM D1922 or equivalent) and minimum impact resistance of 165 grams (ISO 7765-1 ASTM D1709 or equivalent)
  • Made of HDPE Material
  • Ideal for clinical and medical waste disposal
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Green & Black  Color
  • Marked with biohazard symbol
  • Sizes- 30 litre (60cm x 90cm), 50 litre (80cm x 105cm), 100 litre (90cm x 115cm) and Customization also available
  • Thickness 80 Micron and Customization also available


Biohazard bags are considered as a Safeguard against potential hazards. It is designed for the secure & safe disposal of medical waste, these bags provide a reliable solution for hospitals, laboratories, and research facilities. Keep our environment clean and safe with our Best-quality, leak-resistant biohazard bags.

Features of biohazard bag-

  • Superior Material: Our biomedical waste collection bag is Made from durable and puncture-resistant material to guarantee the containment of dangerous substances without any possibility of leakage or tearing.
  • Biohazard Symbol: These Bags are Clearly labeled with the universally recognized biohazard symbol for easy identification and safe handling of potentially contagious items.
  • Color-coding: Usually Available in red, yellow, black & blue colors to further signify their purpose and set them apart from regular waste bags.
  • Multiple Sizes: Available in various sizes to accommodate different types of hazardous materials, ranging from tiny medical disposables to larger ones.
  • Versatility: This Product is mostly Suitable for use in various Industries like hospitals, laboratories, research facilities, and other healthcare environments where biohazardous waste is generated.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Our Bio-Medical Waste Bags are made from using eco-friendly materials and procedures.

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