Biohazard Garbage Bags

  • Puncture, tear and leak proof
  • Minimum Tear Resistance of 480 grams in parallel and perpendicular planes (ISO 6383-2, ASTM D1922 or equivalent) and minimum impact resistance of 165 grams (ISO 7765-1 ASTM D1709 or equivalent)
  • Made of PP
  • Ideal for clinical and medical waste disposal
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Green, Black & Clear Color
  • Marked with biohazard symbol
  • Small, Medium and Large sizes
  • 30 x 50 cm


Biohazard Garbage Bags is a high quality product and trusted all across the globe. Biohazard Garbage Bags is being manufactured and supplied by the company reputed because of excellent product quality, friendly service and professional approach.