SPRING BALANCE Round Plastic Body.

Plastic Tubular Spring balance with double scale.Each range is colour coded for convenience and scaled in both grams and Newtons. The mechanism is clearly visible and zero adjustment is incorporated.

Code Grams (Grad.)
10310 100gms 1gm
10311 250gms 2.5gms
10312 500gms 5gms
10313 1000gms 10gms
10314 2000gms 20gms
Code Newton (Grad.)
10300 1N 0.1N
10301 2.5N 0.25N
10302 5N 0.5N
10303 10N 1N
10304 20N 2N
Code Dual Scale N/gms
10290 1N/100 gms
10291 2.5N/250gms
10292 5N/500gms
10293 10N/1000gms
10294 20N/2000gms