Lumbo Support Belt

Sizes Available: S & M, L

Provide effective immobilization and relieves pressure due to the wrong posture. Helps in relieving lower back pain and provides perfect compression. It has a better fitting and long functional life. everyday use, Easy to wear comfortable, lightweight, and durable. for correct size please size measure circumference around the navel.

Country of Origin: India



  • A lumbar support belt, also known as a lower back support belt, is a type of brace designed to provide compression and support to the lower back. It is typically made of a combination of elastic and non-elastic materials, which allows it to be flexible, yet sturdy.
  • The main purpose of a lumbar support belt is to provide stability to the lower back muscles and ligaments, which can reduce the risk of injury and help alleviate pain and discomfort. It can also help improve posture, which can lead to better spinal alignment and reduced strain on the back.
  • Lumbar support belts are commonly used by individuals who perform physical labor or engage in activities that require heavy lifting or prolonged periods of standing or sitting. They are also used by people who have chronic lower back pain or have suffered a back injury.
  • Most lumbar support belts are adjustable and come in various sizes to fit a range of body types. They typically wrap around the lower back and fasten with a hook-and-loop or buckle closure, allowing for a customized fit.
  • It is important to note that lumbar support belts should not be worn for extended periods of time, as they can lead to muscle weakness and dependence on the brace. They should be used as a tool to support the back during physical activity or when back pain is present, but not relied upon as a long-term solution for back pain management.
  • Overall, a lumbar support belt can be a helpful aid in managing lower back pain and promoting proper spinal alignment during physical activity or heavy lifting.