3 Way Stop Cock Lipid Resistant

  • Material: poly-carbonate, pc, hpd, pp
  • For pressure up to 4.5 bar (65 psi)
  • Handle colour light Blue
  • 360 degree smooth tap rotation.
  • Arrows marks on tap indicate direction of flow.
  • Minimum Residual fluid volume.
  • Compatible with LIPID drugs
  • Suitable for giving infusion of lipid based drugs & non lipid base drug

3 way stopcocks lipid-resistant are necessary when giving patients medications that contain fats. These stopcocks are made to handle these medications without causing any harm. Regular stopcocks can release harmful chemicals, make the equipment cloudy, or even break, which could be dangerous for the patient and make the treatment less effective.



3 way stopcock lipid resistant features:

Special Material: These stopcocks are made from materials that can handle medications with fats without causing any harm.

No Leaking Chemicals: They prevent any harmful chemicals from seeping into the medication.

Clear and Clean: They keep everything clear and transparent without getting cloudy when used with fat-based medications.

Strong and Reliable: They are sturdy and won’t break easily, so you can trust them during treatment.

Safer for Patients: They make sure patients stay safe by reducing any risks linked to using regular stopcocks with fat-based medications.

Keeps Treatment Effective: By using these stopcocks, the treatment stays effective because there’s no compromise in how the medication works.

Required for Use: It’s necessary to use these stopcocks when giving medications with fats to ensure everything goes smoothly and safely.


  • Parenteral Nutrition
  • Intravenous Lipid Therapy
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Drug Infusions
  • Critical Care Settings



A lipid-resistant three-way stopcock helps ensure safety when giving lipid-based solutions through an IV.
Lipid-resistant stopcocks prevent interactions with lipid-based solutions, while standard stopcocks lack this specialized feature.
Lipid-resistant 3 way stopcocks are for giving certain medicines safely through an IV, especially in critical care situations, by preventing mix-ups and contamination.
Yes, lipid-resistant 3 way stopcocks can be used for drug infusion, including both lipid-based and non-lipid-based medications.

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