3 Way Stop Cock Lipid Resistant

  • Pressure handling capacity up-to 10 bars.
  • Handle colour Light Blue
  • 360 degree smooth tap rotation.
  • Arrows marks on tap indicate direction of flow.
  • Highly transparent (free from blue tinge).
  • Minimum Residual fluid volume.
  • Compatible with LIPID drugs
  • Suitable for giving infusion of lipid based drugs as well.


  •  Crystal clear transparent channel.
  •  Minimum priming volume required for accurate drug administration.
  •  Rotating male luer and two female luer conectors.
  •  Arrow indication on the handle to indicate the direction of flow.
  •  Connection meets 6% taper requirement to ensure leakage free fitment.
  •  For pressure up to 4.5 bar (65 psi).
  • The Lipid resistant stress-crack resistance when it makes contact with lipid emulsions.
  • The dimensional stability of the resin also ensures that tube connections remain permanently secure.