Dissecting kit Stainless Steel

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Set Includes: Scalpels, Dissecting Forceps, Dissecting Scissors, Dissecting Needles, Probes, and Storage Case
  • Quantity: Various configurations available, ranging from basic sets to advanced kits
  • Ideal For: Students, educators, medical professionals, researchers, and hobbyists
  • Usage: Anatomy labs, biology classrooms, veterinary clinics, research facilities
  • Application Guide: Step-by-step instructions
  • Sustainability: Environmentally friendly

A dissecting kit is a toolbox used by doctors and scientists to carefully cut and study tissues and organs. includes various instruments such as knives, scissors, and tweezers for this function. The kit is used in various medical surgeries and operations.

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The Dissecting Set, Whether you’re a student, instructor, or medical professional. From basic anatomy lectures to advanced laboratory research, our Dissecting Set is intended to fulfill the demands of both professionals and hobbyists.

Dissecting Kit Include

  • Needle Pointed SS
  • Needle Arrow SS
  • Needle Seeker SS
  • Blow Pipe
  • BP Handle 3 SS 130mm
  • BP Handle 4 SS 130mm
  • Cutical Scissor 4.25″ ST
  • Dressing Scissor 5 inch sharp/Blunt/ST
  • Dissecting Razor SS
  • Dissecting Foreceps 5″ SS blunt
  • Dissecting Forceps 4″ SS Fine
  • Needle Flapper SS
  • Chain Hook
  • Magnifying Glass

Instruction for use:

  • Sterile all the instruments before the procedure
  • Wear sterile hand gloves
  • Needles are used to do fine dissection, separation, and tissue manipulation without tearing.
  • The BP handle may be used to open the skin, cut fascia, or open the peritoneum by changing blades on the spot.
  • Cuticle Scissors have a precise and ergonomic design. These nail scissors are sharp and robust, ideal for clipping overgrown cuticles.
  • Dressing scissors are used to cut and remove dressings and bandages.
  • Needle flapper.
  • A magnifying glass is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object.


  • Dissecting of animal tissue for study
  • Use in biology lab, medical college


  • Do not use the instrument if found damaged
  • Always sterile instruments before use
  • Keep away from the reach of children


A dissecting set is a collection of specialized tools used in biology and anatomy to carefully separate and examine tissues and organs during dissection. Set includes tools such as dissecting scissors, forceps/tweezers, dissecting needles, scalpel blades, and more.
first-year MBBS students are educated to work with bodies, muscle tissues, skin, and other materials, hence a dissection kit is essential. Working with a dissection kit allows MBBS students to utilise all of the instruments included in the kit on their patient and gain hands-on experience.
Scalpels, forceps, scissors, probes, and needles are among the instrument used during dissection to carefully separate and examine tissues and organs.
The primary goal of dissection is to give a hands-on learning experience for studying the anatomy of creatures, including humans. It enables the investigation and inspection of interior structures, organs, and tissues, which benefits education, research, and medical practice.