Base Ball Splint

  1. Lightweight and durable: The splint is made from materials that are both lightweight and strong enough to provide the necessary support and protection.
  2. Curved design: The curved shape of the splint is designed to fit comfortably around the finger and prevent it from slipping out of place.
  3. Ventilation: The open area in the splint allows for ventilation and prevents excessive sweating or discomfort.




  • A baseball splint is a type of splint used to immobilize and support a fractured or injured finger, particularly the index or middle finger. It is designed to protect the injured finger from further damage while allowing the athlete to continue playing.
  • The splint is made of lightweight, durable materials such as aluminum, foam or plastic. It is typically constructed in a curved shape, with an open area that allows for ventilation and comfort. The curved design helps to prevent the splint from slipping and provides stability to the injured finger.
  • The baseball splint is typically secured to the injured finger with tape or Velcro straps. It is important to ensure that the splint is snug but not too tight, as this could cause further damage to the finger or compromise circulation.
  • Overall, the baseball splint is a useful tool for athletes who have sustained finger injuries and need to continue playing while they recover. It provides support and protection to the injured finger, allowing the athlete to continue to participate in the sport they love.